Illinois Policy: Citadel 3rd Major Company To Leave Illinois In 2 Months

While surrounding States’ business climates are improving, Illinois’ continues to decline. The economic situation in the Land of Lincoln has become clearer and clearer as more businesses announce their departure. It is time for Governor Pritzker to be held accountable for the mess he’s created. We need legislators that will make our home a welcoming

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KHQA: AAA ranks Illinois in top 10 for highest gas prices in U.S.

As gas prices continue to soar nationwide, where does the national average stand and how do the Tri-States compare? The national average for gas prices was up to $4.252 per gallon on Wednesday, March 9, 2022, according to auto club AAA.  Illinois ranks seventh highest in the nation for regular fuel at an average of

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The Quad-City Times: Gov. Pritzker plans to use part of state’s $1.7 billion surplus to provide tax relief for Illinois families

Amid the sudden increase in inflation, gas prices and groceries, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker stopped in Rock Island Thursday morning to discuss the Illinois Family Relief Plan he pitched in his budget address to lawmakers last week in Springfield. The Quad Cities Chamber hosted the governor and members of the media at the Quad City Botanical Center, 2525

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