Mike Thoms calls on Rep. Halpin to denounce the SAFE-T Act

Mike Thoms, candidate for State Senate in Illinois’ 36th District released a statement on Rep. Halpin’s support for Illinois’ SAFE-T Act:

“When Mike Halpin cast the final vote that passed HB3653 into law, he became the leader of Illinois Democrats’ radical push to defund the police and make our communities less safe. The SAFE-T Act is set to abolish cash bail – an important tool used by law enforcement to keep dangerous criminals off the streets before a trial can be held. The SAFE-T Act’s provisions will allow rapists, domestic abusers, murderers and other violent criminals off easy in the name of social justice. I join residents of the 36th District to demand that Mike Halpin denounce the SAFE-T Act and call for its immediate repeal.”

Read more on eliminating cash bail here.

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