Learn Mike’s Stance on the Issues Facing Illinois

Making Life Affordable

The current tax burden on Illinoisans is far too high. During this time of record-breaking inflation, our working families are having to decide between putting gas in their cars or food on their tables. Now more than ever, our citizens are feeling the impact of Illinois’ poor economic decisions. 

Mike opposed the Democrats’ Progressive Income Tax proposal, opposes the idea of taxing retirement income, and believes Illinois needs long term fiscal solutions, not one-off election year gimmicks that sound good but yield little savings for families. As Mayor, his top priority has been to economic development within the city to increase the revenue coming in and lower the burden on taxpayers. 

In the Senate, Mike will be a vocal advocate for state budgets that spend less than we take in, eliminate government waste, and provide meaningful reform to statewide issues like high property taxes. 

Growing our Economy

Businesses, both small and large, are the driving force behind growth in our communities. The 36th District encompasses so much of what makes our state unique and prosperous, from the farmers and agriculture companies who feed the world, to our manufacturers supplying the products that keep our economy moving. Mike believes our state should work with our regional employers, small businesses, and everything in between to attract more jobs and residents to Western Illinois.

As a former small business owner and executive of an economic development organization, Mike understands that burdensome policies coming out of Springfield hinder growth for job creators. In the Senate, Mike will continue to proudly partner with the businesses who call our region home, and be a voice for common-sense policies that lower the tax burden, decrease regulations, and encourage economic expansion.

Keeping Communities Safe

As Mayor, Mike has prioritized funding the city’s Police Department to ensure they have the staff and resources necessary to keep the community safe. Unfortunately, following the passage of the SAFE-T Act in Illinois, Rock Island, like many communities, has seen an exodus of their law enforcement officers and an increase in mandates the Department faces. 

Mike will fight to repeal that legislation and any bill that puts criminals before police officers or threatens community safety. Mike believes our leaders should focus on enacting legislation that ensures law enforcement agencies across our state have the tools they need to keep residents safe, and criminals behind bars.

Because of his superb record in Rock Island, and his dedication to supporting law enforcement, Mike has proudly been endorsed by a number of local fire and police unions and the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police.

Government Transparency & Ethics Reform

Mike has energized Rock Island neighborhoods by giving them a stronger voice when it comes to decision-making. He has made it easier for citizens to take part in the governing process by creating specialized committees and councils, listening to voters individually, and personally responding to every call, email, and text sent to him. In the Senate, Mike will continue to give every citizen their opportunity to share ideas, opinions, and concerns about the issues that most profoundly impact their lives. 

Regrettably, as a state Illinois has failed in providing its residents with an ethical and transparent government. Each new indictment of a public official further proves the point that our state government needs real ethical reforms. We can no longer tolerate corrupt insiders who stay in government positions for their own benefit, or those who support them to further their political career. Mike has a record of treating those he works for with respect and honesty, traits we desperately need in Springfield.

Collaborating to Deliver Results

Throughout his life, whether running a business or a city, Mike has been a solutions oriented, collaborative leader. By seeking the opinions of others, and respecting differing viewpoints, Mike has been able to find solutions that benefit all parties involved. It’s how he negotiated with labor unions as a business executive, and how he continues to forge relationships with city residents and regional partners as Mayor. 

As your State Senator, Mike will work with fellow legislators to identify solutions to the problems our region and state face, and to save taxpayers money by eliminating redundancies and streamlining processes.

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